Wednesday, 22 January 2014

App score of best two windows phone apps

The third smart phone biosphere created after the launch of Windows Phone 8, is all jet set to give a tough fight to Android and I OS, the current market rulers. The earlier versions of windows phone were not able to make it big because of lack of apps. But Windows phone 8 has created an entire new market place with more than 2 million apps. In this article we will provide you with app score for two best business apps for your windows devise.

The very first in our list:-

Office Remote

Office remote is an official Microsoft release for its smart phone that enables you to have access to all your desktop documents ranging from word to power point to excel just from your mobile device. This app is really handy and easy to use, especially in the boardroom when you have to stand up and speak out your mind. Office remote works two ways i.e. you have download its desktop companion and install it on your machine. After installing the desktop version you can access all you desktop office document files using Office remote via Bluetooth. The app score for this app is three out of five as it doesn’t works with office RT.  
The second one in our list is Box:-


Drop Box is one of the most popular remote data storing and sharing service and there is no official app for it in windows app market place well but there is an exciting alternate to Drop Box on windows phone its called Drop.

The drop app provides you with storage space up to five GB with support for more than seventy plus document type. The app supports excellent authentication and authorization features. The app score for this app is four out of five as it offers less space in comparison to Microsoft’s flagship sky Drive.  

Monday, 23 December 2013

App Score

With shrinking technology, new possibilities are evolving every day. Mobile computer is the future of computing. The mobile computing biosphere is divided between proprietary and open source solutions ranging from Blackberry to Microsoft Windows to Android.  To get most out your smart phone you have to rely on third party applications popularly known as apps. Mobile apps are the best way to leverage and enhance your smart phones computing capability. But finding a reliable app that truly fulfills your requirements is sometimes a daunting task.

So, what is the best possible solution? Appscore, is the perfect solution for finding meaning full and reliable apps that are worth downloading. Appscore is a robust online app rating application that helps you to evaluate app.’s score; the scores are based on users rating. 

The App score helps in reviewing your desired app, reviewing an app using app score is just a click apart choose your desired apps name irrespective of app market place, enter its name and hit the search button. The app engine will populate out best rated apps only for you. App score not only tells about any particular apps rating but it also populates you with its user experience, best time ranking, its author and what others have to say about the app.